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Whoever constructs or helps to construct a temple will protect eight generations of father, grandfathers and forefathers from falling into Hell” – Vamana Purana.
“… one who builds a beautiful temple for Lord Nrsimhadeva will be freed from all sinful reactions and he will enter the Vaikuntha planets.” – Narasimha Purana.


About the temple

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is a religious, Not-for-Profit tax exempt organization (Tax ID# 46-3932976) registered in the State of Wisconsin, USA. Main objective of  Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple to protect, preserve, promote and propagate the Srivaishnava philosophy as expounded by  Bhagawad Ramanujacharya and Swami Sri Vedantha Desika for future generations. To celebrate Acharyas, Azhwars and Lord Sriman Narayana throughout the year.

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A Message from the temple

Dear Devotees,

We have set up a Gofundme for temple construction funds here is the link: 

or you can click the "Donate Now" button. Please share this with your family & friends and help us raise funds for this noble project.


Krish & Jayashree Narayanan.

Important information about the temple construction

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Temple construction photos

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